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4 years ago

Dragonbeard candy, or (lung sao tong), is Chinese cotton candy. But rather than use a machine, the sugar floss is actually woven by hand!

When you buy them from a stall, the candy maker usually demonstrates how he spins the candy with his hands to make it more interesting for the viewers.

I bought this box in Hang Zhou, which is one of China`s most beautiful cities.

It`s quite hard to find this now, as the stall in Market Village, a Chinese Mall in Toronto, has not opened for a year.

You can still get them from the supermarket, T&T, but those are $3.99 for a box of 6 and they`re made from a machine so it`s just not the same.

When you buy a box for the stall, they give you 10 pieces for about $2 USD. The candy itself is warm and it just melts in your mouth. Instead, there`s chopped roasted peanuts, sesame seeds and sugar.

It`s an amazing candy =)

*photo is mine*


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