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4 years ago

Last night I watched <strong>How to train your Dragon</strong> for the third time and I decided to write my comment on it, as I always like it so much!

This action animation talks about a young Viking, Hiccup, who lives in a small village on the Island of Berk.
He would really like to join his town`s fight against the dragons that continually raid their town, and impress his father and village leader, Stoik the Vast, but he is too small and clumsy to being able to do so.

Eventually, he`ll down the mysterious Night Fury dragon but instead of killing him, he will train the creature and the two of them will actually become friends.
He will eventually teach the whole village that these creatures they`re all afraid of are more human than they expected.

The story is really good, so funny and at the same time deep and adventurous.
I love how cute Toothless (as Hic names the dragon) look when he starts to become friend with Hiccup - you know he can`t be so dangerous as the Vickings say!
It is a really nice movie you should watch, even if you`re not a child anymore. I know it`s like a cartoon, but it`s really not that childish; it was actually nominated for two Oscars as well.
The movie was being shown in both 3-D and 2-D.
I am not a fan of 3-D, to be honest; to me it`s only a way to pay more money and be sick while watching a nice movie.
Anyways, there are many aerial fights, so I can see why they wanted to show it with an additional dimension.

<em>Hiccup</em> Jay Baruchel
<em>Stoick</em> Gerard Butler
<em>Cobber</em> Craig Ferguson
<em>Snotlout</em> Jonah Hill
<em>Fishlegs</em> Christopher Mintz-Plasse
<em>Astrid</em> America Ferrara
<em>Ruffnut</em> Kristen Wiig
<em>Tuffnut</em> T.J. Miller

Directed by :Chris Sanders and Dean DeBlois
Written by: William Davies, Peter Tolan, Sanders and DeBlois
Based on the book by Cressida Cowell
Running time: 98 minutes

<em>Have you ever watched Dragon Trainer?</em>

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