Dragon Quest 8

4 years ago

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It`s full title is Dragon Quest 8: The Journey of the Cursed King. This game was one of the best selling PS2 games in Japan and it sold very well here in America as well. Character designs were by legendary manga/anime artist Akira Toriyama famed author and artist of the the Dragon Ball series. Released back in 2005 in America the game is a turn based Role playing game and was the 1st of the Dragon Quest games from Japan to get an English dub and NA release. You play the main character "Hero" who has to travel around a fictional world with his cursed King who`s been turned into a green troll, and his cursed beautiful princess who`s been turned into a horse. Along the way you gather a couple more friends in your party and go after the evil force who has cursed these two and the the kingdom they are from. This is a great game to play, with hours upon hours of play it can take you days even a few weeks to complete it fully. I know it did for me. This game is very fun and amazingly entertaining. If you want a game that will take you some time to complete and have it keep your attention, then Dragon Quest 8: The Journey of the Cursed King is a great game to do so.

Source link: http://pics.mobygames.com/images/covers/large/1205789443-00.jpg

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