Dragon Age: Origins

4 years ago

Hey you all!

So today I want to present you one of the best games I ever played.
It is called Dragon Age: Origins and the first part of the series. On the picture you can see the cover of it.

Dragon Age: Origins is a role play produced by BioWare and published for Windos, Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and Mac. Of course there are different ratings for the game, in Germany you can get it with the age of 18.

Dragon Age: Origins is the main game. After it BioWare produced some add-ons which are downloadable. They don`t really have anthing to do with the mainstory of the main game, but they are also great and nice to play. If I have the time I`ll maybe present them too.

To the game.
In the beginning you have to choose between three types of characters: Human, elf or dwarf. They can become a mage, rogue or warrior. Also you can choose a story for your character. You can be a titled dwarf or a very poor one.
In the beginning you`ll meet Duncan, a grey warden. According to your choose in the beginning you`ll have different stories how you can meet him.

Now you have to follow a main quest which will end in 4 main quests later on. You have a big map and can travel between different regions. You will meet many persons who will give you little quest (which are very important to gain experience or gold!) or travel with you.

Many times you have to decide between to paths. The decision is important for the game and can make it end different from other choices.

I don`t want to disclose too many, but if you are a fan of role plays, funny and great characters and the opportunity to intervene in a game, you have to try Dragon Age: Origins. I`m sure you`ll love it!!



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