Drag Me to Hell

4 years ago

Directed By Sam Raimi.

Accountant whom doesn`t catch a break, tries to make a deal with her boss and suggests that a promotion is necessary. But during the process she is interrupted by an old lady that wishes to borrow a loan that she is not credit checked and has no means making the situation even harder for her health. So, the accountant tries to help her out but none is working to her advantage and has to let this customer at a standpoint. And rejects her. She is then cursed and possessed throughout the film. The neurotic old lady follows her into her dreams and makes her see her in the scariest way possible. Rather than, letting it go, the story leads the young girl to find help from a real witch doctor and makes it even worse for the doctor, you will eventually see the pattern. But the funny scenes occur when the lady stalks her in the parking lot and tries chewing her face off with no teeth, rather funny for a horror movie, Raimi. It`s all in all a very good film to watch with the buddies.

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Source link: http://www.amazon.com/Drag-Hell-Unrated-Directors-Cut/dp/B002JT69IW/ref=pd_rhf_se_s_cp_4

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