Dr. Seuss` The Lorax

Recently, The Lorax went to our secondhand movie theater. My dad and I are big animation fans, so when this went there after a two month wait; we put our other movies on hold to go see this.

The Lorax is based on a Dr. Seuss book where the town is made of plastic. Their air must be bought and there trees blown up like a childs pool. When Teds crush, Audrey, wants a real tree; he must find the Once-ler to learn the story of where the trees went.

The only problem is that the Once-ler lives out of Thneadville and when Ted leaves, it stirs up a commotion for the OHare Air Company. Mr. OHare tries to stop Ted from leaving town, but Ted always found a way to leave, and soon he got the last seed.

The Lorax was hyped up because Ted was voiced by Zac Efron and Audrey by Taylor Swift. To me, this wasnt a big deal because they werent in the movie as much as Danny DeVito, (the Lorax) and Ed Helms, (the Once-ler).

This would be a perfect movie for your younger kids. There were some darker scenes that can give an eerie chill to a little one, but if they snuggle up to mom or dad, theyll be fine.

Id give this movie 3.5 out of 5 stars.

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