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I have been wanting to try a BB cream for a long time. Today, I have officially joined the BB cream hype. BB cream, which stands for blemish balm, blemish base, or beauty balm, is an all-in-one facial cosmetic product. BB cream blurs imperfections, hydrates, protects skin. BB cream is all the rage in Asian countries such as Japan, China, and South Korea. Various Asian actresses and celebrities have made BB cream a staple in their skincare routines. BB cream has found it`s way to Western markets recently, with many American cosmetic brands creating their own BB creams.

I picked up Dr. Jart BB cream at Sephora today. It costs $38 a bottle. I choose this brand because I felt more confident in choosing a brand that is based in Asia (Dr. Jart is made in South Korea). This is because BB cream has it`s foundations in Asia, and I feel that it has a more stable formula than those of the new ones of American brands that have just begun creating BB creams. It was between Dr. Jart and Boscia. While I did like both; they both had a light and smooth texture, they warmed to my skin tone very well ( I have a fair skin complexion), and felt very light on my skin. I eventually went with Dr. Jart because it has a higher SPF content, and it was anti-aging. Boscia had the same price point. Jart has SPF 45 while Boscia has an SPF of 27. SPF is very important to me. I don`t want my skin to age prematurely ( I am 20 years old). The higher the SPF, the better for me. I expect great results with Dr. Jart and have heard nothing but amazing things about this BB cream. I will post an update after I have tested this product for a couple of weeks.

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