Dr. Brown`s Diet Black Cherry Soda

4 years ago

While out shopping one day I noticed my store had received a shipment of these <strong>Dr Brown`s</strong> brand sodas, in a 4-pack, and they were only $1.50. I knew they would be more than that at other stores so I grabbed the Black Cherry flavor. I enjoy soda, of the diet variety. I had given soda up for a while and had miserable migraines for over a month and wanted to hurt people (LOL) so back to soda and coffee I went. I figure I eat pretty much healthy so diet soda as a treat wasn`t going to kill me. Plus I do get a lot of water in, so it balances one another out, at least in my head!

Anyway. The Black Cherry diet soda is actually quite good. It`s not as bubbly as say Coke or Pepsi, but it`s got some carbonation to it. The flavoring is very mild but you can definitely tell it`s black cherry. My brother and boyfriend both had a bottle and they both equally liked it (my brother is a Pepsi drinker, my boyfriend a Coke drinker, and both generally dislikes diet soda, so that speaks volumes).

Do you like fruit flavored sodas?

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