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Today I will give you a review of a product that I recently completed either the dry shampoo from Dove. I bought it because I needed a new dry shampoo to replace that of TRESemme which made my hair even more fat before using it.

What the company says about this product ...
The product helps absorb the oil from the hair between washes. Moreover, it gives the impression of having freshly washed hair. This product also allows lifeless hair have a lot of volume.

Instructions ...

Keep a distance of 20 to 25 cm and spray the roots
Spread by rubbing with the palms
Brush to evenly distribute

Packaging and price ...
I paid around $ 8.00 Product (CAN). It can be purchased in all the pharmacies and big box stores like Walmart. The packaging has a fairly nice. In addition, the packaging is very convenient with its spray and really looks like a hair spray.

here`s how it presents the product

What I think the product ....
My hair is not very bold. Indeed, I have psoriasis hair which meant that my hair is often drier than fat. However, occasionally, sometimes I want to refresh my hair with a dry shampoo. With appeal to cooling, the product works great. Indeed, I felt that my hair had just been washed. In addition, the product feels divinely good. It was like being in a field of pink. This is the same scent that covers all types of hair products from Dove.

This shampoo also has the function to absorb the fat as my hair is dry, I asked my friends who have very oily hair to test. They all told me that it worked. Indeed, she did not even need to wash their hair because they were no fat. Finally, in attractive volumes, I do not think it gives much. The dry shampoo in TRESemmé gave much more than this one. Also, the product does not leave white residue in the hair or effect powder in the hair.

Another downside of this product is that the shampoo to a manufacturing defect. This is reaching many people. The dry shampoo after 2-3 applications, was empty. Indeed, I do not know what happens, but the bottle is empty.

So ...
Refreshing scent and leaves hair refreshing
Absorbs oil natural hair
The finished product is incredibly fast
Do not give volume
Do I buy this product ...
This is one of the best dry shampoo I`ve tried. Moreover, it only costs a few dollars compared to other high end products. Also, it does the job well and smells really good. However, as Dove does not solve the problem, I do not rachèterais this product.

UPDATE: After contacting the company, Dove sent me a coupon for a product gratuit.nt Dove in the box.

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