Double Stuf Oreo!

I`m not really a fan of Oreos but I have cravings for Oreos once in a few months. I actually had cravings for Oreos when I saw a post on Luuux about the 100th Birthday of Oreo. I was debating to get that one cause the packaging is so nice but I couldn`t pass up the `double stuf`, I love the `double stuf` cause you get double the vanilla cream inside the chocolate cookies! Plus, I find it easier to open the oreos than the regular ones. I always crack the cookies in half when I try to open the cookies. I like to open the cookies so they don`t crack, I`m extremely picky when it comes to eating oreos, lol. =)

I bought this package of cookies at Vons today for $3. There were a lot of varieties to pick from but I like the original kind just with double stuf, so good with milk! The nice thing about the packaging is that it`s resealable so it`s perfect for on the go, if you`re lazy to get a bag to put the cookies in and good for sharing with friends. =)

<strong>What`s your favorite oreos?</strong>

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