Double-Sided quotTransparentquot Smartphone CONCEPT

Japan companies Docomo and Fujitsu created a smart phone concept -- a <em>double-sided transparent touchscreen Android smart phone</em>. You can use both sides of the screen however this concept still lacks a lot of features such as: no color screen and you can`t see the phone in bright settings but it`s a working progress!

What`s the purpose of this transparent "double-sided" smart phone concept:
You can control the interface from behind. For example -- if you`re playing a game of rubik cube there`s no way you can HOLD the cube to not move and rotate one side of the cube. By using this phone -- you can use the interface from behind and hold the cube in place while moving the rubik cube pieces if you understand what I mean. If you don`t watch the clip here:
Another example that I hate is when I am dragging applications to organize them on my Apple iPhone -- with this phone you would hold down the app then from behind you can drag it to where you would like

Is this phone really necessary? Not really, but I am sure in the future we will have <strong>double sided</strong> smart phones, will they be transparent? Who knows but I think transparent phones would be hard to see through sun/glares. But technology is advancing as we speak so who knows!

<strong>Do you think our feature phones will be double sided? Or transparent? What are some features of the "future phone" would you like?</strong>

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