Dots amp Flower nails.

These here are super easy and cute nails i made .
I used

*baby pink nail polish
*white nail polish
*green nail polish (for the leaves)
*glittery turquoise nail polish (its not necessary , just if you want to add more colour to you leaves)
*hot pink nail polsih (for making the roses)

All of the nailpolishes i used were by Essence.

You can paint your nails as i did - 2 whites & 3 pinks or you can paint them all same . Try to play with the colours :)
So after make some dots (pink on white - white on pink)
And now the roses - how i make the roses is simple .
just make 4 little dots( 2 whites and 2 hot pink, try to make them as close as possible and the way you have to make them is so they would actually create a square ) where u want to make a rose . then take a toothpick (thats what im using) and start doin circles inside d dots .. so u kinda makng the swirl.. dont worry if its not goin to be perfect , when u add the leaves at the end its gonna change the whole thing :) .The way i did the leaves is - i was using a toothpick and i just created few V shaped "things" around d roses with a lime green nailpolish. And after i just did a little stripes on the leaves with the qlittery Turquoise nailpolish.

You can try making one bigger rose or 3 to more roses on one nail just as you like !

U also can try different base colours. My favorite for this look is using a Blue coloured base , It just looks so Vintage for me , just luv it :)!

I hope it wud be helpful for you guys , If i made something unclear u can always ask and I wud be happy to help more :)

Enjoy! xx

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