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4 years ago

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Hey Luuux!
One of my friends from church recently decided to propose to his girlfriend! :D I was so excited and happy to hear the news! He actually needed help from me and a few church members to prepare the proposal, so he asked if we could meet at the sushi restaurant that he was going to rent out! The owner of the restaurant was actually a good friend of his family, so when we had dinner there, he treated us to tons of delicious food! Because the owner just brought out different dishes for us to try, I`m unable to list out exactly what we had, but I hope the pictures will be enough!


First of all, the 2 pictures only show two of the dishes he brought out. He actually started us off with a fancy Japanese-style salad with Miso Soup, then he gave us each a Fried Mackerel (you can see it behind the sushi boat)! After that is when he finally brought out the sushi boat. He finished everything off with the Chicken and Shrimp Hibachi that was really good!

<strong>The Sushi Boat</strong> included 3 different sushi rolls and 3 different kinds of fresh sashimi. I believe the roll on the very left was a California Roll (probably with some kind of fish inside) and topped with roe. The other 2 rolls included tempura shrimp on the inside, but one was topped with salmon, and the other with whitetail. I`m not exactly sure if that`s what it was though, since I`m no sashimi/sushi expert :T The sashimi from left to right, I believe, is Tuna, Whitetail, and Salmon. (Don`t quote me on any of that though!)

<strong>The Hibachi Chicken & Shrimp</strong> was different from any Hibachi I had ever tasted before. Both the chicken and shrimp were marinated really nicely! It had much more of a Korean vibe to it :) I can`t really pinpoint what exactly was different, but I`m guessing since the owner is Korean, he made his own twist to the Hibachi. There were also mushrooms, zucchini, onions, and broccoli in it as well :D


By the time we finished eating everything, we were so full, we couldn`t talk anymore! It was all super delicious, and I`d love to go back and try more of what the restaurant has to offer! ^^

<em>Do you like sushi or sashimi? Do you like Hibachi? Let me know your answers to these questions, and also what you think of this dinner down below!</em>

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