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4 years ago

This was what I had for dinner a day after my birthday. I didnt capture my birthday meal because I didnt want to whip out the camera in front of my parents and it was just a normal meal. My dad took a trip to Chinatown to buy some roast pork on my birthday and he bought the wrong noodles so mum thought, lets just stir fry them! Havent had it in ages.

They wanted to make seafood noodles but they didnt have one of the main seafood ingredients so they had to substitute with something else. Im not quite sure what they used as the sauce but it might have been soy sauce. I cant think of anything else in the house that theyre likely to use to fry it in.

Rice noodles (Some ended up sticking together)
Fish slices (The same as fish balls but in a different shape)
Bean sprouts
Carrots (I guess dad wanted to make it look pretty so he cut the carrots with jagged edges Lol)

I know it doesnt look too appetizing in the photo but it really was yummy. My meal was complete with a cup of hot sugar cane drink.

How do you like your noodles? Stir fried? In soup? What did you have for dinner?

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