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Hey Luuux!
I`m back with another food post :D This time, it`s about one of my favorite places to eat in Korea here so far! I`ve never eaten Shabu Shabu before, but I`ve always heard it was really good~ The restaurant my boyfriend and I went to last night is called `Shabu Hyang`, and it`s pretty amazing! Feels really fresh and healthy and everything tastes delicious :) Keep reading to see what we ordered and ate!

<strong>Vietnamese Spring Roll Pork Belly Strips</strong>

- This restaurant has a few different options, but what most people get is the Shabu Shabu. You have different choices of meat, but this time my boyfriend and I chose to eat Pork Belly Strips (). It`s really nice because you get to have the `Korean BBQ` grill to cook the meat, while enjoying Shabu Shabu with tons of fresh vegetables, then on top of that you get the rice paper rolls to make your own spring rolls with all of the ingredients! The sauces that they give you are really good, and everything together is just the perfect combination of delicious greatness!

- They give you a big plate of vegetables to cook in the broth: cabbage, bean sprouts, carrots, cucumbers, onions, sprouts, red/green peppers, mushrooms, squash, and more. They also give you pineapples, which is so good in the spring rolls!

- A side salad, kimchi, and a garlic/onion side dish are also provided.

- When you`re finished cooking all of your vegetables in the broth, there is another bowl filled with noodles, bean sprouts, and cilantro that you put in the leftover broth to make a Korean-style Pho. It`s actually really good!

<strong>Rice Porridge</strong>
- After you`re done with the Pho, there`s another bowl that is provided that`s filled with rice and vegetables that you use to make Korean Rice Porridge (). This part isn`t my favorite, but that might just be because I`m so full by this time that I can`t eat any more :P


Overall, this place is just a wonderful restaurant to go to! The atmosphere is great, the ingredients are fresh, and it`s not too expensive. For one person, it`ll end up only costing about $12-13. I think that`s a pretty great deal considering how much you get! Keep in mind that there`s no tip in Korea either! I absolutely love going here to eat Shabu Shabu! Wish everyone could try it sometime :)

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