DOTN: Seafood Combo From The Shore!

2 years ago

Hi everyone! It is starting to get closer to summer everyday and in my house that means it is time to go to the beach. Every year we basically spend our whole summer at the shore and it is usually a lot of fun. I started going down to get our house ready and just enjoy the fresh air. Last week on my way home my dad offered to stop at one of my favorite fish/seafood markets. The place is a local market but is also a small restaurant/cafe. It sells their soups, fish and multiple salads. We sat down for a quick bite to eat! I (non pictured) started the meal with a cup of their manhattan clam chowder. They have the best because all of the seafood is fresh right from the bay behind the store. Then when choosing my entrée I tried to find something affordable because seafood is always expensive plus this is a tourist location. I picked out the Seafood combo! It is a combination of three cold fish salads with cole slaw and jumbo shrimps garnished with oranges! The three salads are crab, shrimp and tuna! I love this because I get to try all three without having to eat it in bread either. It was only $13 for this dish and one of the least expensive meals. I think it was worth it because all in all I got a lot on my plate! I devoured the whole dish because I skipped lunch and finished the meal with some coffee! Thanks so much for reading! DOnt forget to comment and let me know what you think!
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