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I have been trying to eat in a healthy way for quite some time and for that I have been experimenting a little in the kitchen and mixing ingredients I normal would not. I am a big salmon fan and I used to eat it in many different ways but the one I tried last night I had never made. So it is salmon with orange salad. It might sound weird but it actually goes very well together. The salmon is cooked in the oven with a marinade that takes orange, alive oil, pepper and a tea spoon of yellow sugar. Then it goes to the oven covered with sesame seeds. For the salad I used one orange, half of a red pre cooked pepper, some lettuce, one table spoon of honey and half an onion and a little bit of ginger. And my dinner was ready in no time. I believe it is a very healthy combination and it tasted great. Although I think I left the salmon a little bit too much time in the oven and it got king of dry. But when mixed with the salad I barely noticed that. In just one meal I eat lots of vitamins from the salad ingredients and the very famous omega 3 that is found in salmon. Sardine is another fish that has a lot of omega 3 but I don´t like it quite as much as I enjoy salmon. But it you ever come to Portugal I dare you to try the sardine because is a very traditional food here. Anyway, I had a good meal and I kept with my goal of being healthy.
Have you tried salmon with orange salad?
Do you know what kind of vitamins your food has?

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