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Remember to click on the pictures for the best quality & clarity (: Hey Luuux Foodlings! Yesterday, my boyfriend and I went to a restaurant called Pei Wei Asian Diner for the first time because our friend told us about this BOGO Free Entree offer they had going on! :) I believe it continues until December 14, 2012, so go get your offer now! I think this is a pretty amazing deal! Perfect for a date or a meal with a friend :) I love sharing great deals and products with you all, so hope some of you take advantage of this promotion!
If you and watch the 2 minute video, it`ll then take you to a page where you can enter in your email address to get the BOGO FREE offer sent to you! :D Anyway, like I said, it was our first time eating at Pei Wei, so I didn`t know what to expect. I had seen the restaurant plenty of times, and I believe that it says somewhere that it`s a sister restaurant to P.F. Chang`s or something like that :) P.F. Chang`s is kind of pricey, so I believe Pei Wei is the much more affordable alternative restaurant with similar food. Keep reading for details on what my boyfriend and I ordered for dinner! ______________________________________________________________
Shrimp Pad Thai (FREE!): This was under the Noodles & Rice Bowls category. It`s normally $7 with your choice of chicken, steak, or vegetables & tofu, but $1 extra with shrimp. This actually ended up being our free entree :) I love Pad Thai, so this was a no brainer for me. I like to go to restaurants looking for who makes the best Pad Thai because I like it so much :P Pei Wei`s Pad Thai was a pretty standard one. It`s described as being made with
Thai sweet and sour sauce, tofu, bean sprouts, scallions, egg, crushed peanuts, lime, cilantro, and rice noodles. There was definitely no tofu in there, but that might have been because we added a meat instead. I think the cilantro and scallions on top was a nice addition to the noodle and meat dish. Added greenery is always important to me in a meal! As for the Pad Thai overall, I thought it was on the salty side. The great thing about Pei Wei is that they
do not use MSG, but I think they make up for that by using extra sodium for flavor. The noodles and shrimp were cooked nicely, the peanuts and greens balanced out the dish well, and it was overall a pretty good Pad Thai :)
Spicy Korean Beef ($8.50): This was in the Signature Dishes category. The price varies on meat, so look out for that. These dishes also come with your choice of white or brown rice, so we ended up choosing white rice (despite my knowing that brown rice is better for you, hehe). Us being Korean, we wanted to give this a go to see just how Korean it was :P It`s described as being made with
Korean hot pepper sauce, garlic, white mushrooms, onions, carrots, long beans, and toasted sesame seeds. It definitely sounded like something we would enjoy because it had a good variety of vegetables :) When it came out, it looked so good! I took a bite of the meat alone and found it was super salty :( Eating it with the vegetables and rice made it passable though. I`m pretty sensitive when it comes to sodium, so it might just be me, but man...I couldn`t eat it on its own. It was different than anything I had tasted before; so to answer the question of how Korean it tastes: it doesn`t taste like Korean food at all! It is flavorful and has a nice spiciness to it, but it`s no Korean sauce. Other than that, it did taste pretty good. If it was less salty, I think I would have enjoyed it more, but I love the idea of the dish. The meat was pretty tender and the vegetables were cooked nicely :)
With the BOGO Free deal, we ended up only paying $9.50 total for the entire meal! ______________________________________________________________ That`s it for my DOTN! Sorry it was a bit lengthy, but since I mentioned the BOGO Free offer, I thought it would be helpful to any of you who are thinking about making a visit to the restaurant :) The people working at the restaurant were super friendly, the ingredients seemed pretty good quality, and the service was excellent! The drinks are actually self-serve, but they have this incredible drink machine from the future that I was amazed at, so I didn`t mind ^^ The food came out super quickly and was nice and warm to eat :D Because all they serve you is your meal, I don`t think you have to leave tip, but you can if you want to :) I think it would be nice since they clean up after you too! Overall, I think it`s a great restaurant to visit if you`ve never been before. With this BOGO Free deal, I think it`s even more of an incentive to go! Although the food is a bit salty, it`s not unbearably so. Everything is tasty, the atmosphere is great, and it`s relatively affordable (even without the deal)!
Tell Me: Have you ever been to Pei Wei? If you did, how was you experience? If you haven`t, do you think you`ll go after seeing this post? Let me know in your comments below! Also, don`t forget to tell me if you decide to take advantage of this deal! ^^ Let me know what you ordered and how it went! :D
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