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4 years ago

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Hey Luuux Foodlings! :D
This was the dinner I had the other night with my boyfriend! It`s been super cold outside where we live, and the one place I always like to go when it`s cold outside is this Japanese restaurant where they serve the most delicious Udon I`ve ever tried! The restaurant is called Sushi Tsune. It`s a small and cozy restaurant with really yummy food :) Every time I go, I always order the same thing though! Keep reading for more details on what we ordered ^^


<strong>Nabeyaki Udon Noodles</strong>: My boyfriend and I both ordered a bowl of this because it`s just so good :D It`s basically a hot udon noodle dish with tempura shrimp, diced chicken, fishcake, small seaweed pieces, scallions, and a cracked egg on top. The broth is made perfectly at this restaurant! In the picture, it may look like a ton of oil is floating on the top, which may be a turnoff, but the soup is actually very "clean" and "fresh" feeling, if that makes any sense~ I think whatever they use to make the broth includes some type of oil that settles to the top, so it`s not necessarily that the soup is oily, it`s just a density issue ^^; Anyway, this Nabeyaki Udon is perfection on a cold, Winter day! So yummy!

If I can find a good recipe, I definitely want to attempt making this at home! It`s just so pleasing to the stomach and warms you up nicely on a cold day/night :) This was my boyfriend`s first time trying it, and he said that it tastes a lot like the Udon you`d find in Korea :D If I end up getting that job in Korea, I can`t wait to try it! ^^

<em>Tell Me: Have you ever tried Nabeyaki Udon, or Udon in general? If so, how did you like it? Would you like to try this dish sometime? Let me know in your comments below! :D</em>

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