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Yes, I know you`re probably thinking, <em>how is wheat thins your dinner?</em>

Well today, I had work at at 3:30pm for an hour and I had some pork dumplings from the Chinese takeout before I went to work. & Then I had an Intro to Literature class at 7:05pm at the Wanaque campus, which is like 6 towns or even more away. & I had the class until 9:35pm.

I thought my mom was cooking so I bought fries before I headed home and ate them. I texted my mom that I was on my way. She said okay. On the way home, I passed by a Taco Bell, Burger King, McDonald`s, Sonic and a bunch of restaurants. & When I was near my house, that was when my mom texted me saying that there`s no food. My smile turned into a straight face -_______- because I passed by so many food places which I could of pulled into and she messages me late.

She said it was too cold to cook. That even my little brother didn`t eat and he`s asleep. She says she didn`t eat either. I don`t know what my dad ate. I ended up eating Wheat Thins for dinner now. & It is freezing in this house. <STRONG>FREAKING FREEZING</strong>, I say.

1. What did you have for dinner?

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