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3 years ago

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Hey Everyone :D
It`s been a while since my last post! I`ve been pretty busy with work and just never have the time or energy to sit down and write a post anymore T_T Luckily, today I devoted a day to just relaxing and catching up on entertainment/blogging :) This post will be about an Italian restaurant I went to with my boss and co-workers a little while back! The restaurant is called Friuli Venezia, and it was really nice! Keep reading to see what we ordered and how I enjoyed the place :D


<em>The Korean way of ordering is usually to order many different dishes, then share everything :) We decided to order 4 different pastas and a pizza; then, we received a free salad, free drinks, a free Tiramisu dessert, and of course complimentary bread because our boss knows the owners of the restaurant.</em>

<strong>Pomodoro Pasta</strong>: This was a standard tomato based pasta, but it was still delicious :) The mozzarella cubes added a nice texture and flavor to the dish. There was also eggplant, onions, and mushrooms inside the neatly arranged dish as well. Definitely a safe pasta to order.

<strong>Carbonara Pasta</strong>: I`m sure many of you have tried Carbonara Pasta before. Like usual, it is made with a cream based sauce and includes bacon, mushrooms, onions, and broccoli. Very delicious!

<strong>Arrabbiata Pasta</strong>: This was my first time trying a dish like this. It was quite spicy and packed with flavor! It included bacon, garlic, pepperoncini, eggplant, broccoli, and other spices! Very unique and flavorful tomato pasta dish to try :D

<strong>Aglio e Olio</strong>: This was another interesting dish I tried that day. It`s made by sauteeing spaghetti in a oil and garlic mixture. Very light and simple, but very good as well!

<strong>Unlimited Thin Crust Cheese Potato Pizza</strong> (unpictured): We also ordered this pizza, but I didn`t manage to take a picture of it T_T The nice thing about this restaurant is that if you order a pizza, you get unlimited refills of the entire pizza! ^^

<strong>Caprese Salad</strong> (unpictured): This salad was on the house because our boss knows the owner :) The caprese salad was so fresh! Love tomatoes and mozzarella! Basil is one of my weaknesses too!

<strong>Tiramisu</strong> (unpictured): This dessert was also on the house :) Although I don`t like Tiramisu because I`m not a fan of coffee, the texture and presentation of the dessert was on par with the rest of the dishes I mentioned!

<strong>Complimentary Salad & Bread</strong> (unpictured): As most nicer restaurants do, we were served complimentary salad and bread, which was quite good :)


That`s it for this post! As you can tell by the pictures, the food was arranged beautifully and the atmosphere of the place was wonderful :) I love how they put a lot of detail into their presentation and how the flavor of the food was equally as impressive! I can definitely say this was an Italian restaurant worth visiting in Korea :D Although the food is catered to a Korean palate, I believe it still holds an authentic Italian taste! I`ll definitely pay a visit to this restaurant again ^^

<em>Do you like Italian food? What`s your favorite Italian dish? Let me know which dish you think you would like to try the most down below in your comments!</em>

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