DOTN: Chicken, Rice, Veggies, amp Sweet Potato Fries!

4 years ago

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Hey Luuux Foodlings ^^
This was the dinner I made for me and my boyfriend this evening :) After eating tons of junk food on my birthday and at the State Fair, I thought we should eat homemade food that was a bit healthier~ I`m not all that great at cooking, but I think I`m alright at making simple meals ^^ My boyfriend seems to find it appetizing, so that always makes me happy :D


<strong><em>What I Used:</strong></em>
1) Chicken Breast (as many as you would like to eat)
2) McCormick Grill Mates Montreal Chicken Seasoning
3) Parsley Flakes
4) Alexia All Natural Sweet Potato Fries with Sea Salt
5) Birds Eye Steamfresh Fresh Frozen Vegetables: Broccoli, Cauliflower, & Carrots
6) Soy Sauce
7) White Rice (you can use any type of rice you want)
8) Sweet Baby Ray`s Honey Barbecue Sauce (totally optional; eat it plain or use whatever sauce you`d like :D)

1) <strong>Defrost & Season Chicken Breast:</strong> This step is pretty self-explanatory, but all I did was take 2 chicken breasts and defrosted them, then sliced them into thinner pieces (so they would cook faster). I seasoned the breasts with the Montreal Chicken seasoning and added a little bit of parsley flakes on top.

<strong><em>How I Cooked Everything:</strong></em>
1) <strong>Chicken & Sweet Potato Fries:</strong> All I did was place the seasoned chicken breasts on a foil tray, then put the sweet potato fries on another foil tray; then I baked both for 20 minutes at 425 degrees Fahrenheit.

2) <strong>Vegetables:</strong> Instead of microwaving the vegetables in the bag, I open the bag and sauté them in a pan. After they have defrosted a little bit, I pour a little bit of soy sauce over the vegetables and sauté until the vegetables are fully cooked.

3) <strong>Rice:</strong> I simply cook the amount of rice I want to eat in a rice cooker ^^;


That`s it for this dinner of the day! It`s nothing crazy special, but it was pretty good and felt healthy to eat :D Although the vegetables were pre-frozen, I do believe that they are still healthy. A lot of people think that frozen vegetables aren`t as good for you as fresh store-bought vegetables; but they`re actually just as, if not, better for you! They`re frozen when they`re most ripe, therefore the nutrients that you hope to consume from them are mostly preserved; whereas store-bought vegetables are usually picked before they ripen to guarantee they don`t go bad before consumers buy them.

I don`t know exactly how healthy the sweet potato fries are, but they were delicious :D Always keep in mind that any seasoning you buy is probably high in sodium, therefore keep it to a minimum (or create your own)!

<em>Thanks for reading/viewing this post! I hope you enjoyed it and found it somewhat helpful :D If you have any questions or comments, leave them down for me below!</em>

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