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4 years ago

The weather in my area today was really nice, about 75 degrees so it wasnt too hot to have a bowl of Bun Bo Hue for supper. If the weather was any hotter, I dont think I could bear eating warm foods like this or anything that is served like soup with the hot steam rising from the broth, eek. But anyways getting into the actual food
Bun Bo Hue is a yummy bowl of rice noodles filled with a ton of spice, herbs, and meat that really gives it a kick of flavor. I personally love eating this spicy hot so the more pepper, the better. I also love the different herbs that I can pile into this bowl; it just brings out a really nice aroma.

Whats in my bowl:

- Rice Noodle
- Beef
- Pork
- Cabbage
- Cilantro
- Lemon Mint
- Perilla
Im not too sure about the broth but I just know its filled with lemongrass, and peppery goodness.

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