DOTN: Beef Pho amp Sushi Rolls!

4 years ago

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Hey Luuux!
For dinner the other night, my boyfriend and I went to a local Asian Bistro :) The great thing about this place is that all of their sushi rolls are BOGO Free, all day everyday! I think that`s such a great deal, so whenever I want sushi, we always go to this place ^^ They have so many different rolls, so it`s always tough to choose what you want! I usually stick to one of my favorite rolls and then try something new with the other roll I get for free :) They have tons of other things to try too, so deciding what you`re going to order is so difficult! My boyfriend and I always end up picking a few things and just share everything :) Anyway, keep reading for more details on what exactly we ordered :D


<strong>Beef Pho</strong> ($8.50):
I just recently got into Pho because the first time I tried it, I absolutely hated it :T I think it really depends on the restaurant you order it from, because some people can really mess this dish up! The Pho at this restaurant comes with "<em>thin rice noodles, bean sprouts, fresh Asian basil,
cilantro, sweet red onion, sliced beef and
Vietnamese meat balls, all in a rich beef broth</em>." They also give you 2 different sauces on the side that you can pour in to your liking :) I think it`s a wonderful concoction of ingredients, and the broth is made just right! It was nice and warm; perfect for a cold evening!

<strong>Sweet Dragon Roll</strong> ($13):
This is one of my favorite sushi rolls at this restaurant :) It`s made with "<em>shrimp tempura and spicy mayo inside, with eel and thinly sliced avocado on top.</em>" I love how it has a slight sweetness to it, and the avocado & eel combination is really good! The shrimp tempura gives it a nice crunchy texture to balance out the creamy feeling of the avocado and eel :D Definitely a roll I recommend trying!

<strong>The Woman In Red</strong> (Free!):
This was a new roll that I tried. It was made with "<em>spicy tuna and cucumber inside out, then topped with seared albacore, masago, and chili sauce.</em>" I actually enjoyed this one because it was almost a polar opposite to the Sweet Dragon. This one tasted really fresh and had a slight spiciness to it :) Definitely one I`d order again!


I think the sushi chef that made our rolls that day was a newbie, because they weren`t presented very nicely at all :T It was okay though, because they still tasted delicious! The Pho didn`t disappoint at all either! I absolutely love this restaurant and will probably be taking myself and dragging my boyfriend with me again soon ^^

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