DOTN: Baked Lobster

3 years ago

This is actually my mom`s first time baking a lobster. Whenever we have lobster, she would just sauté it since our family doesn`t like boiled lobster that much. My aunt told my mom that she should try baking a lobster in the oven since thats how she usually eats it so my mom decided to try it out last night. What my mom basically did, after she cut the lobster and cleaned it was cover it entirely in melted butter and green onion. My aunt said to add mayo as well but my dad didn`t want to eat it if it was going to be covered in fat (ie. mayo and butter). It was one or the other so my mom chose to cook it with butter. It actually came out pretty good but we decided to never bake it in the oven again. LOL We made a point to just always cook lobster just like how Asian (ie. Vietnamese) restaurants cook their lobster, where you would sauté it.
QUESTIONS: Have you ever had baked lobster before? How you usually have your lobster?
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