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3 years ago

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Hey Luuux Foodlings!
I received a coupon for a free addition of meat at a Korean BBQ restaurant, so my boyfriend and I decided to go :D I`ve always loved Korean BBQ, so this was to no surprise as delicious as ever! I don`t know if it`s because I am actually in Korea, but the food here is amazing! The service is so much better than what you would probably receive at a restaurant in the US (unless you`re at a top notch restaurant) and the variety of sides is always a plus :) Keep reading to see what we feasted on ^^

3 Servings of Pork Belly Strips (Korean BBQ)
- The coupon was for one free serving of meat, so we ordered 2 servings and got 1 for free :) The meat was incredibly delicious!

1 Bowl of Rice + Free Soy Bean Paste Soup
- I always need rice with my Korean meals (unless it`s a noodle dish), so I ordered a bowl of rice. With the rice came a free soup :)

Complementary Sides!
- Kimchi
- Mushrooms
- Potato
- Tofu
- Onions
- Lettuce, Peppers, and Sesame Seed Leaves
- Garlic
- Bean Sprouts
- Scallions
- Cold Radish Soup
- Dipping Sauces
- Sauteed Vegetables

We decided to grill the kimchi, mushrooms, onions, potato, and garlic along with the meat. Wrapping everything together in the lettuce is just perfection!

I thoroughly enjoyed my meal at this restaurant and will definitely go back :) Loved the atmosphere, the service, and most importantly the FOOD! Their variety of side dishes is really nice and I love how they have good deals for their customers!

<em>Tell Me: Have you ever had Korean BBQ before? If so, how did you like it? If not, would you like to try it sometime? Leave the answers to these questions in a comment below! ^^</em>

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