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4 years ago

Saturday the fiance` and I decided to go out to dinner. We weren`t sure where to go since I wasn`t up to go out with this weather. It wasn`t bad just I can feel my hair puffing up and its a big no no.
He kept insisting so we decided to go to El Barco which Its a place we would go often when we first started dating.
We were lucky there was no wait time to get in but finding parking was another story! When we did find parking I went to pay the meter. It took my money alright but no receipt! If you live in the city you know what I`m talking about. You put in change or a credit card the machine prints out a paper which has to be put inside your car or else Ticket it is! I decided to call the city and "Report" it after all I had already put my change. After complaining and telling the operator I would not walk to another meter and pay more money she let it go...geeshhh

As soon as we were seated first thing I asked was for a Mango Margarita! lol...Hey that Operator really irked my nerve.

I wasnt that hungry but since the bf had gone to work he was starving. So we ordered a appetizer, it is called <em>"Camarones con chihuaha"</em> which is basically grilled shrimp with cheese and they add onion,bell peppers and garlic. Yummm!!!
The portion is a bit small for the price though

My fiance ordered <em>Mojarras al mojo de ajo</em> which is fish with garlic and chipotle sauce on top. He was in heaven when he got his plate. lol...I like fish but not that much to eat it like that.

My main meal was <em> Camarones a la plancha</em> which is grilled shrimp with steamed veggies, rice and guacamole. IT was tooo delish. I didn`t finish eat since the appetizer filled me up. That and I hardly finish my plate of food. (it`s a bad habit) so the fiance helped me.

Do you eat seafood???

Thanks for stopping by!!!

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