DOTN - Homemade Pork Lo Mein!

5 years ago

This is my dinner of the night featuring homemade pork lo mein! I had purchased some lo mein type noodles at my local Asian market a while ago and they had been sitting in the cabinet waiting for someone to use them and it was time to make it happen. It came out really good! The noodles were dried in round circles, so when they cooked they spread open, almost like a fettuccine type noodle. Since I had some mushrooms and bean sprouts left over from making my fried rice, those were put in with the pasta when done and cooked through with some frozen red pepper slices. It was then seasoned up with some soy sauce, fish sauce, and a drop of teriyaki sauce. Instead of throwing the pork mixture in with it, we made it on the side and used some shaved pork which my local market sells in the raw meat section. Cooking it up it almost looked like hamburger because it started to bunch together, but I broke it up as best I could. I cooked this up with some shredded carrot, pea pods, sliced white onion, minced garlic and water chestnut. The meat mixture was seasoned with soy sauce, teriyaki sauce and oyster sauce. Cooking through enough so the veggies were cooked it was left so when you served yourself, you could put your veggie lo mein into a bowl, and then add your pork mixture onto the top of it. Overall, it was VERY delicious! I ate this for two nights in a row and sadly, my boyfriend and I finished it off tonight.

Have you ever made homemade lo mein at home before?
Do you enjoy lo mein?

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