DOTD-Strawberry Gelatin

5 years ago

Sometimes we just feel the need to eat something that we know that is bad for our health... We just need it... That`s why, yesterday, I ate a chocolate tablet. So today, I felt like I needed to compensate that, so I decided to eat some gelatin as a dessert.

I would give you the recipe, but I think that everyone knows how to prepare some gelatin xD

You may now think "wooo... great compensation... eating gelatin...", but, actually, gelatin not only isn`t bad for you as it actually is good for your health.

There are lots of benefits on eating gelatin. For example, as it is made with a high percentage of water, it will help you with your hydration, and as water does not have calories, consequently, the gelatin is really poor in calories too, so you can eat as much as you want without gaining a lot of weight. It is also good for all the tissues of your body like skin, bones, muscles, etc. because it is mainly constituted by essential aminoacids that our body needs to work properly everyday.

So, if you avoid eating gelatin just because you`re on a diet, you`re doing things wrong... You actually should eat gelatin, not only if you are on a diet, but if you`re trying to be healthier too.

Did you know that Gelatin could be this good for your health? Do you like gelatin? What is your favorite flavor.

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