DOTD-Spiral Pasta, Peas and Turkey

5 years ago

So tonight, me and my family decided to have an healthy meal, because we clearly are the healthiest family on the planet. (lol)

We decided that we`ll eat pasta, with spiral shape, that has nothing special about it, except the shape, that obviously is a spiral. It is kind of annoying to eat this kind of pasta because it is hard to catch with the fork... But you know, it is good to eat beautifully shaped pasta (actually is is normal). Then, my mother added some peas, as you can see on the photo above. It has few peas because I`m not a big appreciator. Then, she just cooked turkey roll with ham and cheese, to eat with it.

Theoretically, it was a great dish, but I decided that I didn`t want to eat it just like that, without any kind of sauce, so I decided to add some mayo and ketchup to it (and end with the healthy part of the dish).

It was a good dish...Nothing special about it to be honest, but good to eat from time to time, just to diversify.

Have you ever had pasta, peas and turkey roll? What do you think of this dish?

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