DOTD: Salmon amp Asparagus

4 years ago

This is one my most favorite dishes that my mom makes! I swear, she makes the best food ever! Today she made grilled salmon, grilled asparagus, and just diced some avocado up to eat along with everything else.

A lot of friends praise my mom on this dish. They say she is the "Grilling Queen." Lol! She first seasons salmon and marinates them in a sauce for a couple of hours. She does the same with the asparagus. Then she simply grills the both of them until they get the charcoal look to them. Then the dices the avocados to eat with them. The avocados really compliments the salmon. The avocado`s creaminess is so delicious! I cannot get enough of avocados! So good!

My mom usually whips up a little salad for the side, but she didn`t this time for some reason. The asparagus is good, but it`s probably my least favorite on the dish because it could have really fibrous ends that I don`t like.

Do you like salmon?

Picture is mine.

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