DOTD: Pizza My Heart!

5 years ago

We decided to eat out today, nobody was really in the mood to cook anyways! We went to my favorite Pizza place in our area, Pizza My Heart. They have a lot of store locations, and I think I`ve mentioned it enough that most of you have probably already heard of it (;
Tonight, I ordered their Mushroom Pizza and a Chicken Walnut Salad. I got the salad for free because we eat there enough that now we have a lot of stamp cards filled up, I always tend to lose them and find them randomly, so we have a collection of half filled up cards! It takes six slices to get a free salad. I really like this particular salad over the ones they have because I like the walnuts and the vinaigrette dressing, whereas their other salads have thicker dressings. Today the Mushroom Pizza had some pesto sauce on it for some reason, it might be an accident or intentional, but either way it tasted really good. If you have ever just bought mushrooms and stuffed them with pesto sauce and cheese, that`s pretty much what this pizza tasted like. Delicious!

Again, I highly recommend checking out Pizza My Heart if you haven`t already. Their slices range from $3.25-$4.00, but I think it`s worth it for how delicious their pizza is!

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