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5 years ago

The other night, my boyfriend and I ordered a pizza from Papa John`s for dinner. I had asked my boyfriend to get pepperoni on only *his* side of the pizza, but he misunderstood me and asked for pepperoni on the whole pizza. So, I ended up picking most of it off, as I don`t much care for pepperoni, lol.

My boyfriend`s half of the pizza was just plain pepperoni and cheese, and my half was supposed to be cheese, green peppers, and mushrooms (though I ended up with pepperoni on it, as well - lots of it!). Despite the pepperoni mishap, it was a good pizza, as it always is with Papa John`s! It wasn`t greasy, and the crust wasn`t too thick or too thin, or too dry. It was crispy on the outside, and soft on the inside - just the way I like it!

We also got some garlic butter dipping sauce with our order, but I didn`t have any. I just don`t like melted butter with my pizza, it`s usually already oily enough, lol! My boyfriend loves it, however, so the dip was all his. :P We also got a peperoncino with our pizza (it`s the green thingy that`s in the bottom left of the photo). Sometimes I eat it, but I didn`t this`s quite spicy and I just didn`t want to feel the burn, lol.

Mishaps aside, this pizza was great, and it seems that Papa John`s is becoming our go-to pizza delivery place! :)

<strong>Have you ever had Papa John`s pizza? What`s your favourite kind of pizza?</strong>

***Photo is my own; please do not take.

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