DotD: Palak Paneer with Rice + Naan

5 years ago

Tonight, my boyfriend and I ordered dinner from our favourite Indian restaurant. He got his usual chicken madras (chicken cooked in coconut milk with tamarind and black pepper), and I opted for the palak paneer (pureed spinach sauce with cottage cheese). We both shared some garlic naan and saffron pea pulao (saffron-flavoured basmati rice with peas).

Normally, I order a chicken dish (can you say butter chicken?), but I felt like getting something with veggies in it tonight, so the palak paneer seemed like a good option. The cottage cheese in it isn`t the kind that you might find sold at a supermarket; it`s firm and comes in cubes. It has the consistency of firm tofu, except it tastes like mild cheese. I am not that big on spinach (especially not raw spinach), but I really like spinach sauce in this dish. It`s seasoned with garlic and other spices, so it`s really flavourful. Plus, it`s the healthiest part of the meal! :) I know that naan and white rice aren`t super healthy, but I can`t bear to part with them, as they are DELICIOUS. XD Overall, I think it was a decent meal, health-wise, and it tasted awesome!

<strong>What did you have for dinner tonight?</strong>

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