DotD: Lasagna amp Steamed Veggies

5 years ago

Last night, I heated up some frozen lasagna in the oven and added some steamed veggies to it to make it a healthier, more balanced meal. I chopped up some broccoli and carrots, and put them in the built-in steamer of my rice cooker. It was super easy!

The frozen lasagna was $5 or $6, and was large enough to serve three or four people, though it was just me and my boyfriend eating it. So, we each had a piece and saved the rest for leftovers. It was a pretty good lasagna, actually, considering it was frozen! It was a standard noodles, tomato sauce, ground beef and mozzarella lasagna. Some lasagnas have ricotta and/or parmesan cheese in them, but this one didn`t. Normally, I like more "authentic" lasagnas, but this one was just fine. The sauce and meat was distributed evenly between the noodles, which I liked. I`ve ordered lasagnas for restaurants before where the sauce is between some noodle layers, but not all of them, so you have some layers that are just noodles on noodles. It`s kind of annoying, haha.

I didn`t dress up the veggies in any way, I just served them straight. I thought my boyfriend wasn`t even going to go near them, but he actually had a few pieces of carrots, so I was pleasantly surprised!

We didn`t have a super spectacular meal, but it held us over for the evening. ^^ When I have more time, I`m going to have to learn some recipes that are simple, but very flavourful. I`m not a very good cook, but I`d like to try and get better so evening meals are less boring!

<strong>What do you like to cook at home?</strong>

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