DOTD: I carved a chicken!

5 years ago

I CARVED A CHICKEN!!! It`s a little ridiculous, and sad, how excited I am about this... u.u I just watched a video yesterday from The Kitchn on! Then, when I went to the grocery store today, the rotisserie chickens were on sale for a dollar off AND they had JUST gotten out of the oven when I got there (I watched them take it out of the oven and box them up! ^^) so I knew it was
a sign that I HAD to get one and take it home and carve it! Usually, when I buy rotisserie chickens, I just eat it from the box, just picking at the meat and skin with my fork. Easy and effective. haha. I think I might just carve them from now on though! It`s really easy to do (it sounds hard... I mean I carved a chicken just makes you sound so fancy and like a cooking genius even when you`re not 8D) but it`s so easy (I messed up on the first wing though, the chicken was too moist! It just broke apart! haha), and it`s easier to control your portions better that way as well (you can see exactly how much you`re eating at a time rather than mindlessly picking at the carcass). If you can`t tell, I arranged the plate as breasts on both sides, wings in the bottom middle, and thighs in the middle top. I ended up eating two wings and half a thigh with rice for my dinner :) Oh yeah, and usually you`re supposed to cut it on a cutting board (so you have more room to move around and stuff) but I cut it in the box so that all the juice from the chicken would collect in the box for me to use in my broth or I like to dip the dry-er pieces of chicken into the juice. Yum yum! Have you ever carved a chicken? ** That picture is actually the chicken I carved. Click on the link the post to see the video from! Should the video go in the source, since I didn`t actually use any information from the video itself in my post, please let me know, thanks! :D

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