DOTD: Homecooked Lamb Chops, Veggies, and Fries!

5 years ago

This is a kind belated post... My boyfriend made this dinner for me while he was here :) I last posted about /viz/dotd-homecooked-steak-tuna-fries-and-veggies he brought and made. He also brought two racks of lamb! So he made lamb chops one night ^^ I didn`t really care for them, so he tookt he other rack back to school with him. They were alright, he cooked them well just they had too much a game-y taste for me and upset my tummy with the fat :( I`ve eaten lamb before, but in stir fry`s, not the chops. It was nice to try once though! :D A lot of ppl say that lamb really stinks though (like raw and while cooking, the smell goes away after cooking), but I didn`t really mind the smell. Yes, it WAS strong, but it wasn`t soooo bad. haha. To complement the
lamb chops, we re-fried some of the
/viz/joy-yees-chinese-food-chicago. Took some frozen
carrots, peas, and broccoli and butter cooked them. And deep fried some
sweet potato fries! I love sweet potato fries!! hehe :) Have you ever had lamb chops? What did you think of them?

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