DOTD: Hainanese Chicken

4 years ago

If you are Asian or are familiar with Asian food, then this Hainanese chicken should be no stranger. It`s chicken boiled in pork and chicken bone stock that is later made boneless and served with a flavoured oily rice.

I had this dish today at a Malaysian restaurant. They just raised their prices so this costed around $10. The owners and servers at the small restaurant just have the worst attitudes. They nod and shake at your questions sometimes, without giving you a clear answer. Don`t expect to see a smile from any of them either. It really doesn`t cost anything to provide good service so why not do it? Enough of the rant...they make the best Hainanese chicken so I really have no choice. I`d go there more often though if the servers were nice.

Why I like Hainanese chicken? It`s smooth and soft and boneless! It`s slightly salty, but mainly you taste the stock that`s used to boil the chicken. They give you a spicy dip that`s very delicious and goes very well with the chicken. I usually don`t like to eat plain rice, but the flavoured oily rice is totally different. I can eat it just by itself. Although it`s called oily rice, you actually don`t taste or feel the oil. So together, the chicken and the rice make the perfect dinner.

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