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5 years ago

For dinner tonight, my family decided to to Din Tai Fung in Arcadia. It`s an extremely popular restaurant here in the SGV and originated in Taiwan. The normal wait for a table is AT LEAST about 30 min! Kind of crazy but totally worth it. Because of its popularity, they opened a second location right next door to the original.

Since my dad does business with them, we didn`t have to wait too long for a table. When we`re there, we order a bunch of food. We ordered a sour tofu appetizer, 2 orders of the pork soup dumplings, an order of pork and vegetable dumplings, 2 spicy beef noodles, a regular beef noodle, and a spinach dish that I didn`t take a picture of.

Everything was absolutely delicious! My all time favorite is the pork soup dumplings. They`re freshly made in the restaurant in the front behind a glass window so you can watch them while you wait for a table. They`re extremely hot and have to be eaten with a spoon to keep all of the soup from squirting out. The vegetable and pork dumplings weren`t as good since they didn`t have soup inside but were still tasty. The noodles were freshly pulled and tasted amazing. Everything was just tasty and left us all stuffed.

It`s a pretty expensive place so it`s not somewhere we go often but it definitely is satisfying. If you`re ever in the area, definitely make this one of your stops! They have extremely high ratings and yelp and even better food :]. I would love to try the original location in Taiwan one of these days. So have any of you ever tried Din Tai Fung? Have you ever had soup dumpings/xiao long bao/XLBs?

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