DotD: Chorizo Penne Sauté

5 years ago

It is now officially the weekend, and my boyfriend and I really didn`t feel like cooking tonight. So, we ordered dinner from our favourite pasta delivery place, a nearby Italian/Greek restaurant. My boyfriend had baked spaghetti, and I had a chorizo penne sauté. Basically, my dish was: chorizo sausage sautéed with sun-dried tomatoes, red peppers, mushrooms, meat sauce, cream, and parmesan cheese. It`s one of my favourite pasta dishes to order. The sauce isn`t too heavy, and the I love the veggies in it. The chorizo sausage is good, too, but they always give me way too much, lol. It`s a heckuva lot of meat! I usually don`t even end up finishing it all. I do finish up the actual pasta most times, though - penne is one of my favourite pasta (for some unknown reason), and I don`t seem to eat it much at home. So, all-around, this is a great dish for me.

I`ve been thinking about making a version of this at home, but I don`t think there anywhere where I can get chorizo sausage, I`m the only one who would be eating it, so I probably wouldn`t end up using it up, anyway. I guess I`m going to keep ordering this chorizo penne sauté from the restaurant in the future, then! :)

<strong>Do you like pasta? What is your favourite kind of pasta?</strong>

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