DotD: Chicken Huarache

4 years ago

A Mexican restaurant recently opened up in my neighbourhood, and it is quite good (and relatively inexpensive). One of my favourite things to get there is their huaraches! A huarache consists of a fried masa base (which is basically a thick corn tortilla) with different toppings. It is called a "huarache" because the masa looks like a flip-flop sandal (that`s actually what "huarache" means!).

The topping I got included cabbage, salsa, queso fresco ( a cheese similar to feta cheese), jalapeno peppers, black refried beans, and pollo asado (marinated grilled chicken). I think there were also a few other veggies in there. It was pretty darned delicious and satisfying!

I keep coming back for the pollo asado, but this place`s pulled pork and chorizo tacos are really good as well. I just try to eat white meat more often than not, as it`s supposed to be better for you than red meat. They`ve also started offering some vegetarian specials, so I will soon be trying those, as well. :)

<strong>Do you like Mexican food? If so, what`s your favourite Mexican dish?</strong>

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