DotD: Chicken Chhoila + Lentil Soup

5 years ago

I was in the mood for something light for dinner last night, so I ordered two appetizers instead of my usual full-size curry dish from my favourite Indian delivery/takeout place.

I had the following two dishes:
<ul><li><strong>Chicken Chhoila</strong>: Boiled chicken marinated with garlic, ginger, and fenugreek; served with rice flakes.</li>
<li><strong>Lentil Soup</strong>: Slowly cooked, mildly-spiced lentils.</li></ul>

I really liked the chicken chhoila - it was really well-seasoned and flavourful. The rice flakes (or puffed rice, as the case seemed to be) added a nice crunch to the dish. There was red onion and cilantro on the chicken, as well, which was very refreshing. Normally, I don`t much care for raw red onion, but on this dish, it really worked! The lentil soup, however, was a letdown. There were actually no lentils in it...just peas. It was basically a vegetable/lentil broth. :/ I`m not sure if all the lentils sunk to the bottom of the soup pot, or if they forgot to add them, or what, but they weren`t in the soup and the soup wasn`t very satisfying as a result. I added a few spoonfuls of rice from one of the dishes my boyfriend ordered to make it more interesting, lol. Overall, though, this is still my favourite place to order food from. I just won`t get the soup next time! XD

<strong>Do you like Indian food? If not, what is your favourite type of cuisine?</strong>

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