[DOTD] Cabernet Filet Mignon, Poached Egg, and Sweet Potato Fries

5 years ago

This meal looks all fancy, and has fancy names, but it was actually pretty easy to make!! ^^

Tonight, I made:

Cabernet Filet Mignon
Poached egg atop wilted spinach
Sweet potato fries
A glass of Cabernet Sauvignon

The Cabernet Filet Mignon was actually really easy! Despite the hard to pronounce name and the beautiful appearance :) It was cooked to perfection too (or my taste of perfection). The outside had a perfect sear, and the inside had the perfect ratio of pink to brown. It was also very tender and moist and the sauce didn`t taste wine-y at all!

For Cabernet Filet Mignon, you just cook the filet mignon as you usually would. Then, after you take the steak out to rest, pour in about half a cup (or however much you want) of Cabernet Sauvignon and mix it up with the grease/seasoning/left over meat stuck to the bottom of the pan. You just let that boil until it`s reduced to about 2/3 of the original amount. This will get rid of the alcohol in the sauce! There are some recipes that suggest adding onions/shallots/carrots/other veggies to make the sauce more flavorful, but 1. I was too lazy, 2. I didn`t have any fress veggies, and 3. I tend to like a more plain sauce anyway. I also added the juice that came out of the steak from letting it rest.

For the filet, I just cooked it in a non stick skillet. Make sure the filet is at room temperature before cooking (any colder and when that steak hits the pan, the walls will contract... Leaving you with a VERY TOUGH steak, not to mention it won`t cook evenly and you`ll end up with a cold center and burned outside). Some olive oil into a hot pan. Once the pan gets hot, add the filet with presentation side down (the side that you want UP on the plate). Cook each side for about 2-3 minutes for medium rare. When you`re about to flip, add butter to taste (I add about a half tablespoon) - you don`t want to add the butter too early or else the butter will burn!! Flip. Add salt and pepper (DO NOT add salt first!! This is a mistake a lot of ppl do. If you add salt BEFORE putting it in the pan, the salt will draw the water out of the steak so instead of SEARING the steak, you will be STEAMING it and will end up with a not-so-tender steak. :c Make sure the steak has been SEARED/sealed before you add the salt!). Cook for 2-3 mintues on that side. I usually flip it again on each side. Most of the salt and pepper flavor will be absorbed just by sitting on top of the steak, but I believe that putting the seasoning against the hot pan kind of "pushes" the taste into the steak as well (not sure if this is true or just in my imagination haha). Then, move the steak to a clean plate and cover loosely with aluminum foil and let rest for about half the cooking time - this helps the steak cook through (it`s still cooking due to residual heat) and allows the juices to redistribute and make the steak super moist!

The hardest part was the poached egg. I actually messed up on the first egg (the yolk broke in the water so I had to toss it :( but the second one was perfect! I always have problems making poached eggs >< I used a new pot this time though, and I think that really helped. My boyfriend`s mom gave me a stainless steel pan for Christmas. Personally, I think stainless steel is reallyyyyy annoying >< it`s hard to cook with the first few times, if you don`t know how cause EVERYTHING will stick to it if you don`t know how to use it! That makes cleaning a pain in the rear ><" But, what I DO like about it is when you put water in it, even if you turn it to high heat the water never goes above a simmer (at least from my experience, but I`ve only tested it about 5 times so far). That is VERY GOOD for poaching eggs. For poaching eggs, you don`t want to go to a hard boil becuase the bubbles will tossle the egg and break it. However, you don`t want the temperature too low either cause then the egg won`t cook and actually it will sink to the bottom and get stuck (this happened to me...) ._." Yeah... haha. So to poach the egg, I just filled the stainless steel pot with water and added a splash of white vinegar. Waited til the pot got to a simmer, gave a slight swirl and cracked the egg into the water when the swirling was almost done. Then you cook for 3 1/2 minutes. After one minute, give the water a light swirl (BE CAREFUL TO SWIRL TOO VIGOROUSLY OR YOU WILL BREAK THE YOLK - trust me... I did it ><) to make sure the egg isn`t sticking to the bottom then LEAVE IT ALONE. When your 3.5 minutes are up, use a slotted spoon to remove the egg and set it gently on a paper towel to drain. When ready to eat, carefully move from the paper towel to your serving dish!

For the wilted spinach, I just took spinach and put it in a hot pan with olive oil and waited for it to shrink in size a bit. Not very difficult, and very healthy!! :)

Have you luuux-ers ever made filet mignon or poached eggs? Do you have any suggestions for making poached eggs less stressful? hahaha, I don`t know about you, but I was SOO stressed about my poached eggs. When I cracked them in, I went "OH NO, I CRACKED IT WRONG, IT`s SPREADING TOO MUCH!" or when I stirred it "OMG, IT`S GONNA BREAK! IT`S GONNA BREAK! STOP SPINNING, PLEASE!!! ;o;!!!!" haha, even taking it out I was afraid it was going to break on my spoon x.x

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