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4 years ago

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Hey Luuux Foodlings!
Tuesday night, my boyfriend and I made a visit to Buffalo Wild Wings because Tuesday is `Traditional Wings Night` when wings are 60 cents each. Although that`s not that cheap, I guess it just gave us a reason to go :P I could have promised they used to be a lot cheaper, but it`s okay.
If you`ve ever been to Buffalo Wild Wings (or B Dubs as we like to call it), you know it`s like a sports bar and grill type of place. There are TVs everywhere so people can watch sports games, and there of course is a bar so people can order drinks. There are all types of things you can order, such as nachos, burgers, salads, wraps, sandwiches, etc., but the main reason people go is to eat their chicken wings! They have all types of different sauces you can choose from to put on your chicken wings, so half the fun is choosing :D Keep reading to see what my boyfriend and I chose to eat!


<strong>Grilled Chicken Salad</strong>: This is a pretty standard salad, but I always like to have some greens when I`m eating meat to balance out the meal :) BWW salads are actually pretty good though! This one comes with mixed greens, grilled chicken, onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, croutons, and a blend of cheeses. Since they didn`t have Italian dressing (which is weird because that`s pretty standard..), I chose to get 2 salad dressings on the side - Balsamic Vinaigrette and Caesar, but I really only ate the Balsamic Vinaigrette. The salad was very fresh and delicious, but I`ll probably skip out on the chicken in it next time.

<strong>10 Traditional Wings with Asian Zing Sauce</strong>: Asian Zing is described as a "chili pepper, soy and ginger sauce." This is my absolute favorite sauce at BWW! It`s not only because I`m Asian lol, it`s really good! It has that sweet but tangy taste that goes really well with the chicken wings. Definitely give it a try if you haven`t before!

<strong>5 Traditional Wings with Hot BBQ Sauce</strong>: Hot BBQ is described as a "rich BBQ sauce with a touch of heat." I`m actually a little disappointed with this sauce. I was expecting it to be a bit more spicy, and it didn`t even really taste like bbq sauce either :T I have no idea how to describe it, but I know I won`t be getting this again. Next time, I think I`ll just go with Hot :)


That`s it for our meal at Buffalo Wild Wings! With the exception of the Hot BBQ sauce, everything else was absolutely delicious :D BWW isn`t a place I go to very often, but it`s a great place to go with friends or family that enjoy watching sports and eating good food! If you`re not too bothered by the loud noise and busy atmosphere, I highly recommend visiting if you haven`t already! ^^

<em>Tell Me: Have you ever been to Buffalo Wild Wings? If so, what`s your favorite thing to get (and what`s your favorite chicken wing sauce if applicable)? :D If you`ve never been before, do you think you`d enjoy the experience? Let me know if your comments below!</em>

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