DotD: Brown Rice Pasta Shells with Bolognese Sauce

4 years ago

I`ve been trying to be more diligent about eating whole grains lately, so I had some brown rice pasta shells for dinner the other night, along with some bolognese (tomato and meat) sauce.

One thing I`ve noticed about brown rice pasta is that it tends to be quite a bit soggier than wheat your odds of getting `al dente` pasta are slim to none. I don`t mind the mushiness too much, although I do prefer firmer pasta. Oh, well! I think I will try spelt pasta next time.

At least the sauce was good, though - you can`t go wrong with a basic tomato and meat sauce. There was ground beef in this sauce, but only because I couldn`t convince my boyfriend to go for ground turkey, instead - which would have been a healthier option. I still found this meal satisfying, nonetheless. :)

<strong>Have you ever tried brown rice pasta?</strong>

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