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4 years ago

I everyone!
This was my yesterdays dinner. Since I dont eat meat (its been almost 2 years now!) and Im trying not to eat a lot of fish too, I eat a lot of vegetarian meals. I often eat tofu and wheat gluten but theres also a lot of vegetarian food that is only made from vegetables, which is really healthy as well.
Yesterday I ate a spinach and carrot burger and 3 things that look like fish sticks. Those things are made from peas, carrots and corn. I ate this with white rice.
I prefer the vegetable sticks to the spinach burger because, even though I actually like spinach, the spinach burger can be a little dry. For that reason, I tend to eat more the vegetable sticks and I do prefer them over the fish sticks that can also be a little dry.
Both the spinach burger and the vegetable sticks are made in the oven, which makes the whole meal much healthy and easier to make because you just need to put them in the oven and wait like 15 minutes and theyre done.
Overall, this meal was really good, plus I got full and this meal is very healthy.
- Do you eat vegetarian meals?
- What was your yesterdays dinner?

- Picture is mine

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