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4 years ago

LUUUX is down again so I&#39;m uploading through e-mail so please excuse the bad formatting =) Just glad that there&#39;s alternative ways to upload posts.<br /><br />So I went to the Asian food court for dinner tonight as they served cheap yet delicious food. <br />
<br />I ordered a tonkatsu don from the Japanese stall. Tonkatsu is a popular Japanese food that consists of breaded pork cutlet. They usually fry the breaded pork cutlet over a whisked egg and serve it on top of the rice. Tonkatsu refers to the pork cutlet while don refers to the rice.<br />
<br />Normally, I don&#39;t like pork but tonkatsu don is an exception. I love how thin the pork cutlet is sliced and they use the skinny part of the pork rather than the fatty parts.<br /><br />The rice was seasoned with some soy sauce and seaweed flakes so it already had a rich flavor to it. The tonkatsu helped to compliment the flavor. Usually, they serve the Tonkatsu with a side of tonkatsu sauce which is a sour savory sauce made with fruits. However, because they seasoned it with soy sauce already, they did not provide the dipping sauce, which was fine with me.<br />
<br />The meal was $6.99 and came with a side of miso soup, seaweed salad and a can of pop =)<br /><br />What do you guys think of my dinner?<br /><br />*photo is mine*<br /><br />-b.<br />

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