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5 years ago

It was SUCH a gorgeous day that my boyfriend and I got in the car and headed to the beach! Now we live in New England and the weather flip flops so much -- this past week it`s been freezing (40`s) and raining when it wanted to. Today it was 70`s, sunny and just all around gorgeous. It was nice and breezy outside, but inside it was just sweltering -- so out we had to go! After walking the beach and playing in the arcade we decided to get some pizza from our favorite pizza shop on the beach. Because it`s off season (the beach officially opens for business Memorial Day weekend) the pizzeria was having a special $10 for a box of 8. So that`s what we ordered. That is we ordered after we waited in line over 20 minutes - the beach was packed!

<strong>What`s so special about "beach pizza"?</strong> Well, first of all it can ONLY be purchased at the beach - 2 beaches here in fact. It`s square tray pizza, which is cut into 16 slices. It`s made staple as we ordered it, sauce with a bit of cheese. You can add extra cheese onto it (shredded mozzarella, American or Provolone) for an additional 25 cents each. The same goes with pepperoni or olive slices. The only other thing this shop sells is meat pie or spinach pie and sodas/water. Typically, when it`s not off-season, each slice of pizza costs $1.75 each. A bit steep for one slice of pizza, but it`s staple for beach prices here. Then again this is one of my favorite pizzas <em>(really, there are 2pizzeria`s near each other, both sell the same style pizza and if you`re a New Englander you honestly prefer one over the other LOL)</em> and one I`ve grown up eating.

So there you have it, my beach pizza!

Do you have a staple food you tend to purchase when at the beach?
What did you have for dinner today?

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