Dorm Room Essentials: Mini Fridge

5 years ago

i think a mini fridge is the #1 most important thing to have in a college dorm room, but i think that`s a given! you can store food in a mini fridge and because i have it, i can get boxes full of food from the dining hall and store them in the fridge and eat them later for other meals if i`m running low on meal points for the week or i know i won`t have the time to get food on a certain day.

in my room`s fridge, we ALWAYS have soy milk for cereal, our various drinks (mainly juices), leftovers, and yogurt. it`s nice to be able to keep those things in our room where no one else can take them and we`ll have them for convenience instead of having to run out to a cafe in the morning for a yogurt or something.

we do have a central fridge that everyone in my building uses but it`s a normal sized fridge and the few times i`ve opened it, it`s completely JAMMED FULL of stuff! i wouldn`t trust other people with my food, plus i don`t even know how people get their stuff out!

i purchased this mini fridge for my dorm room from home depot and i think it was around $100. some people split the cost with their roommate but my family intends on keeping this fridge after we move out this year because my parents want something in the garage where we can keep drinks and such. it`s a great investment and not too expensive, plus it`s just quite a staple item to have!

do you/did you have a mini fridge in your room when you were in college?

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