Doritos Jacked Enchilada Supreme

5 years ago

I picked these Doritos up today at the gas station. My boyfriend was filling the tank and I ran in to get a soda and since I was hungry and refused to buy a pack of cakes, I grabbed these Doritos to give them a try. I had never seen them before and since I enjoy Doritos I figured they wouldnt be bad. When I got into the car and looked at the nutrition label as I do with everything packaged, I was surprised that it said a serving size was only a measly 6 chips. I was thinking really? When I opened the bag I realized why it was a 6 chip serving instead of the normal 12-14 chips per serving. These are VERY thick cut Doritos, are larger in size and pack a whole lot more of a flavorful punch. You also get a whole lot more crunch to these Doritos than you do regular run of the mill Doritos.

The <strong>Enchilada Supreme</strong> flavor has the taste of cheddar (think the original Dorito flavor), but you also get a tangy punch from a salsa, while also getting a sizzling heat smack from the spice. The bag claims its Mexican spices thatll leave your taste buds begging for more. The heat isnt overwhelming, but it is definitely spicy and noticeable.

The downside is this bag has 3.5 servings in it and if youre not really paying attention, you can put a lot more than you expected away. Since I was hungry I ate half the bag. Pfft. Thats what I get for eating a super early light lunch, going to an interview and not eating anything and realizing I was starving after 3 oclock. Would I repurchase again? Probably, but theyre not something Id go to gas stations JUST to pick up.

Have you tried any of the Doritos Jacked flavors?

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